Next GUTSY meeting: Monday 1 June 2015

2- 4.00pm. Everybody welcome

We are a support group for people diagnosed with or recovering from oesophageal and gastric cancers. We also campaign for a better awareness for the signs and symptoms of the disease

GUTSY is run by patients to provide support and information primarily for patients undergoing surgical treatment, radiotherapy or chemotherapy for these cancers. Our aim is to share our experiences with anyone visiting this site or attending our meetings

We realise people will  visit this site for a variety of reasons. Some will just want to be reassured that they are not alone in combating their disease and who just want basic advice. Others will need to understand everything there is to know about their condition and its treatment.

Inevitably this site will tread a middle path between the two

GUTSY phone support

0800 707 6907 (Freephone)  For people affected by surgery for oesophageal or stomach cancer. Dialling this number puts you in immediate contact with  a fellow patient. More info
feel fuller than you would  expect after eating?


These symptoms may be nothing to worry about but it may be worth visiting your GP  
(Gastric and oesophageal cancer awareness campaign)

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Next meeting:  

Fri 13 March 2015


Fownes Hotel
City Walls Road

Report on Sept meeting - here

Healthunlocked - NHS and OPA supported oesophageal cancer discussion forum. Lots of useful advice

New information

There is a lot happening at the moment to bring awareness of oesophageal cancer and its symptoms to the public in general. Several initiatives are currently underway:

The first is a countrywide (England) extension of the NHS awareness campaign involving posters in doctors surgeries, tabletop exhibitions (in hospital foyers, supermarkets, shopping centres etc) and via the press and media. Initially piloted in the North East in January, a campaign is being set up to cover the whole of England in February 2015. This is great news  - click here for full information. Wales is not involved but the GUTSY group held an awareness event in the foyer of Ysbyty Gwynedd a couple of months ago and will do the same in the other hospitals in North Wales in the near future.
The second is a parliamentary campaign assisted by Action Against Heartburn (

“GPs must investigate more heartburn cases to improve cancer survival rates”

Recent information has appeared in the GP’s monthly magazine and website - Pulse. See it here

Anybody, whether a recently diagnosed patient, relative, support medical staff or cancer support worker should visit Tim Underwood’s website at Tim Underwood is a consultant surgeon at the University Hospital of Southampton with a particular interest in oesophageal cancer.


Rossett Hall Hotel,

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News, view and your chance to meet up with fellow patients

Have your questions answered by the consultants and health professionals.

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